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Interior Detailing

We get life can get in the way sometimes and your vehicle's interior can get pushed aside. Let us transform your ride back to that new car finish you love! We offer a variety of interior services below suiting each vehicle's needs. 

Full Interior Detail

$160 ~ Sedan/Coupe
$200 ~ MID Size Cabs 
$240 ~ XL (3rd row seat vehicles)

NOTE: Pet hair removal and seat removal will be an added cost

  • Preparation Vacuum 

  • All surfaces cleaned / sanitized

  • Various areas degreased of oils / grime

  • Leather cleaned / conditioned

  • Fabric upholstery cleansed

  • Floor mats 

  • Interior windows

  • Final Vacuum

Shampoo Extraction and Steam Cleaning 

Starting at $100+

Got stains? Don't worry! Our shampoo and steam cleaning service is right for you. This process loosens and extracts dirt, spills, stains, soiling, and more! Works on all carpets, fabric, and cloth upholstery. 

NOTE: Vehicle condition varies 

Ozone Treatment

Starting at $100+

Ozone is the ultimate treatment for stubborn odors. Air fresheners and car bombs only mask smells for a period of time. Ozone eliminates them for good. How does it work? Our machine creates O3, tri-atomic oxygen, which readily gives up a single oxygen atom atom, O1. This combines with other airborne molecules like foul odors, bacteria, smoke smell, mold/mildew, and more killing them at the source. Feel good and breathe clean!

NOTE: Full Interior Detail must be performed before ozone treatment starts. 


Leather Ceramic Coating

Starting at $100+

This coating is an advanced, SiO2 based formula, specially developed for all types of modern leather upholstery. It offers up to 12 months of protection against dirt, UV rays, and daily usage that easily repels spills, oils, and grime for ease of cleaning!

NOTE: Full Interior Detail must be performed before applying ceramic coating.

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