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Drive Protected

Here at Keg's Kustoms, we believe in only the best for your vehicle. Not only will your paint be treated with a showroom gloss, it will retain an extreme layer of hydrophobic and UV protection. The elements stand no chance.

Stage - 2

$650 - Sedan/Coupe
$800 - Mid Size
$950 - XL

3+ years of protection

Our Level-1 ceramic coating includes a thorough wash, contamination removal, clay bar, and 1-step ceramic based paint correction. This process removes swirls, light scratches, and oxidation restoring your vehicles appearance before application begins. The coating will be applied to all painted surfaces.

Leather Ceramic Coating

Starting at $100+

This coating is an advanced, SiO2 based formula, specially developed for all types of modern leather upholstery. It offers up to 12 months of protection against dirt, UV rays, and daily usage that easily repels spills, oils, and grime for ease of cleaning!

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Stage - 3

$1200 - Sedan/Coupe
$1500 - Mid Size
$1800 - XL

5+ years of protection

Our Level-2 ceramic coating includes a thorough wash, contamination removal, clay bar, and 2-step ceramic based paint correction removing swirls, scratches, and any other impurities before application begins. This ensures your paint is at its highest quality. The coating will be applied to all surfaces including head lights, tail lights, wheel faces, and trim.


  • Extreme gloss

  • Incredible durability

  • Intense water behavior and repellency

  • Chemical resistance

  • Self cleaning properties

  • UV protection

  • Long lasting protection

Maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your ceramic coating. Every ceramic coating performed by Keg's Kustoms unlocks our clients an exclusive maintenance program.  

Glass Ceramic Coating

Windshields starting at $100

This ceramic coating creates a chemical bond with your glass, hardening to create a hydrophobic layer that gives your glass extreme protection from the elements for up to 2 years. Say goodbye to scrubbing bugs, bird droppings and other contaminants as this coating will make cleaning a breeze! Further more, feel safer driving in the rain watching it bead right off!

All other glass can be coated at an additional cost. 

Our windshield ceramic coating is also the perfect add on for any service we provide!

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